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Calming Your Nervous System with Crystals

Calming Your Nervous System with Crystals: image

Have you been feeling a bit frazzled or wired from the current energy lately? Between stress, overwhelm and outside frequencies our bodies tend to go into overload. When this happens, we may be anxious, losing sleep, unable to calm ourselves and feeling wired. Inflammation can occur, adding to these sensations, along with overall fatigue and even chronic pain.

Did you know that crystals can help you soothe your nervous system? 

Recently my body went into massive overdrive and nothing was working to calm my nerves. Dealing with a chronic health issue means unexpected flare ups, and this time I couldn't quite come down from this intense sensation. Suddenly, I was guided to my Amethyst crystal. I grabbed several pieces of Amethyst , laid down on the couch and placed them along my body as I rested with these soothing crystals. In time, my body started to relax and the inner racing began to subside to a more manageable level. 

Amethyst holds a very tranquilizing energy to help quiet your mind and your nervous system. Known as a "sobering" stone, it helps bring you to center and align you with a calmer state of being. The peaceful energy of Amethyst helps you to connect more deeply to yourself and come to a more restful place energetically. 

I recommend also working with Amazonite, Blue Lace Agate or Mangano Calcite when your nervous system needs comforting:

Amazonite: Works to balance the nervous system and remove blockages; offers a soothing, calming energy and helps to dispel fear. 

Blue Lace Agate: Offers peaceful energy to bring us back to our body when we are scared or anxious; supports tranquil and reassuring feelings. 

Mangano Calcite: Helps you connect to inner peace and relieve anxiety; relaxing energy to alleviate fear and promote feelings of wholeness. 

Place these crystals on your body and lay with them for at least 20-30 minutes to really help transform the energy. I suggest placing Amethyst on your Third Eye (the center of your forehead) and on your chest for soothing sensations. You can place the Amazonite at your Throat Chakra (the center of your throat) and the Mangano Calcite either at your Heart Chakra or in your hand. You can hold the Blue Lace Agate at your Crown (the top of your head), Third Eye or hold it in your other hand.

Feel what resonates with you when it comes to how you use these crystals for relaxing your body. If you are not able to lay down at the moment, you can hold the crystals or place them near you to still feel the effects of their energies. 

(Please note, you do not need to have or use all of these crystals at once. Just one crystal will also work to offer the support you are seeking. These are options to help amplify and enhance your healing experience). 

There are many other crystal that can offer you peaceful, calming energy when you are feeling anxious or your system is in overload. These crystals that are listed I am intuitively guided to recommend, and enjoy working with myself when I am feeling overwhelmed. 

To amplify your healing, I suggest adding one or more grounding crystals, such as Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Black Obsidian or Red Jasper. 

You can place the grounding crystals near your Root Chakra at the base of your spine, or near your pelvis or between your legs. You can also place them near the bottom of your feet to help you feel more secure and grounded. 

The next time that you are feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed you can work with crystals such as Amethyst to help calm your nervous system. This well-known crystal can serve as a supportive tool on your journey to emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. 

I know I will be clutching my piece of Amethyst tightly this week!