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Food as Medicine: Breakfast Edition

Food as Medicine: Breakfast Edition: image

Food is indeed the first and most important medicine.

Ayurveda suggests eating fruit in the am, as it is packed with essential vitamins and minerals and is epically hydrating. USers and many other people around the world are chronically dehydrated, which contributes to aging, increased blood pressure, inflammatory conditions, chronic pain, kidney issues, toxicity, depression and anxiety...you get the drift. By drinking healthy stuff and eating fruit, we are taking our health, one meal at a time, into our own hands.


1 cup fresh squeezed clementine 

Juice of 1/2 lime 

1/2 cup raspberries blended with 1 cup coconut water and 2tbsp coconut manna or cream. 

Combine blended items with clementine and lime juice. Enjoy!