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Get to know your sixth sense

Get to know your sixth sense: image

We all learn about the five senses in grade school and how sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing are our tools to experience the physical world. It turns out our teachers left out so much! We also have six intuitive senses that aid in experiencing the nonphysical world. Theses intuitive senses are often referred to as “the clairs”. The clair senses can be described as a sick sense, third eye, intuition, a gut feeling, and psychic abilities. As an intuitive healer and medium I have spent a lot of time developing my clair senses in order to accurately interrupt messages from Spirit, but you don’t have to be a professional medium or physic reader to use these gifts. In fact, many people already use them every day without even knowing it. These intuitive senses may come in the form of thoughts, visions, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings. Here is a breakdown of the senses to help you determine what is your dominant clair.

Clairsentience -This means clear feeling and is one of the most common. It is often described and butterflies in the stomach or a gut feeling, but that is just the beginning. Clairsentience encompasses feeling a person’s or spirit’s emotions and physical sensations. You may also be very in tune to vibrations and feeling energy within you or around you, feel pins and needles or temperature changes like getting the chills.

Claircognizance - This means clear knowing and is when you have a knowing that comes from within. This includes knowledge about a person or event that you would not normally have. This typically is experienced as a thought popping in your head and can be easily dismissed as your imagination because there is no logic behind how that thought was processed.

Claircognizance - can be a knowing about a person or premonition of something upcoming.

Clairvoyance -This means clear seeing is and is the most well known. However, due to Hollywood’s portrayal of clairvoyants this sense is deeply misunderstood. Although some clairvoyant people can see spirit in the same way they see living people this is rare. More commonly this is experienced with visions of pictures formed behind the eyes and can present in simple images to very elaborate scenes. People that have vivid and lucid dreams are tapped into this sense.

Clairaudience -This means clear hearing and comes in the forms of music, sounds, voices and even your own mind’s voice. If you wake from sleep with a song in your head, hear your name being called when no one is around, or make out words from sounds in nature then your clairaudience is in tune.

Clairalience - This means clear smelling and is when you smell a distinct odor or fragrance out of nowhere. Many people report smelling perfume, smoke, or food when those things are no where near them. This is often a sign that spirit is around and letting you know their presence.

Clairgustance - This means clear tasting and is probably the least talked about clair because it is difficult to develop. Clairgustance is experienced as a brief taste of something out if the blue. This is typically a flavor that is strongly associated to a passed loved one like a favorite food or special dish that connected you to a memory.