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Love From Your Ancestors Is Like No Other!

Love From Your Ancestors Is Like No Other!: image

This Valentine's Day, as I was sitting at my altar early in the morning, attending to my plants and communing with my ancestors as I always do, the message of love hit me loud and clear. As an ancestral healer, I'm usually advocating for the connection of our ancestors as a key component of our spiritual healing. What many of us get wrong, is that this journey is an individual one, and it's not!

Yes, this road of healing and rediscovering ourselves can get lonely sometimes, but it doesn't have to be! There are many spiritual guides and helpers who just want to love on us. One of the main beings who can be interchangeably our guides as well, are our benevolent ancestors! The love and support you feel for those who have passed and carry your blood are so deep and profound, it's almost unexplainable! Much of what we feel, the hardships and pain, they too carry.

It is their legacy and honor to guide you to your healing. The spiritual path doesn't have to be a lonely one. The hero's journey is not a lonesome one, there are many guides and messages along the way, that don't just come from angelic beings above. What we humans confuse many times, is that self-love solely comes from oneself. There are messages of love and guidance that always lead us back to ourselves, and many times those messages come from our beloved ancestors who only want us to carry on the legacy for our ultimate healing.

The feelings of belonging, support, and groundedness one experiences in connection to their ancestors are one that can only be felt and not explained. Every time I fall and feel too weak or better yet like a failure, I can count on the support and love of my ancestors to carry me on. When I notice separation and despair in my relationships, I go to them for guidance because they know me more than I can see myself at times. Self-love although very important, is only part of the equation in coming back home to ourselves. Every plant relies on its roots for stability and nourishment, and we too are just the same!

The community was at the core of many of our people's survival. To this day if we wish to succeed in our ultimate fulfillment, we must lean on community for support. Whether that is your physical community like your soul family and friends, or your spiritual community like your ancestors and guides, each of them plays an important role! One cannot sustain itself for eternity, otherwise, we create blocks of imbalances by being too masculine, thinking we can do it all by ourselves.

There is a reason the matriarch was of equal value in many indigenous lands. To receive love, we can better understand how to better offer ourselves as well. So as much as we yearn for love, and are committed to our self-love journey, we cannot truly understand the value unless we feel support and protection. That is where our ancestors come in!

So today on this day of love and celebration of love, I encourage you to open your heart up to your benevolent and healing ancestors. I promise you these relationships, will leave you in awe of how truly loved, supported, and protected you are! Every day, my ancestors surprise me with how endless and pure their love for me is. This feeling of belonging and home, I have been searching for my whole life I have found in them.

It's in our nature to yearn for belonging and community, humans are tribal beings instinctively, and that will never go away! The separation of community fueled by today's individualism and greed is what has created this loneliness epidemic we find ourselves in. Yet, it doesn't have to be like this. You have genuine love and support all around you, with beings who share your DNA. There is no bond stronger than the bond we share through our blood and bones! 

Our ancestors are relatives, who have learned their lessons and transcended them to create healing for generations to come. You are part of that legacy, and healing and all you have to do is open yourself to this boundless love of teaching and support!

If you wish to better understand how you connect more deeply and understand your ancestors, I invite you to click on my Ancestral Healing session linked below! Here we can journey together, connecting you back to your ancestral roots, and explore your home where you belong!