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Reconnect to Clear Quartz

Reconnect to Clear Quartz: image

Clear Quartz is often known as the "mother" crystal or the "universal" crystal. Many healing properties are associated with Clear Quartz, a crystal that so many people have but may not know how to use. Do you have a piece sitting around that you would like to connect to on a deeper level? 

Clear Quartz is highly amplifying when it comes to energy, other crystals, healings and intentions. Easy to program, this crystal resonates with all of the chakras and the entire energetic field of our bodies. If you have an intention you are working on, Clear Quartz is the perfect crystal to help support your manifestations! 

This is a crystal that works well when it comes to protecting against negative energy. A very balancing and harmonizing crystal, it works well to raise vibrations and connect to higher levels of consciousness. Use your Clear Quartz for protection, positive energy, high vibrations and feelings of balance. 

Watches, jewelry, radios and more often use or contain Quartz. This powerful crystal vibrates with the energy of the Earth's electromagnetic field, which makes it ideal for meditations, intentions, prayers and connecting to spirit and our higher selves.  

Did you know that Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine and Amethyst are all formed from Clear Quartz? Many other crystals are also derived from Clear Quartz, such as Agate and Bloodstone. 

Work with your Clear Quartz to help remove toxic or negative patterns in your life, since it works to transform energy into a state of harmony and balance. Set clear intentions and meditate, journal or sit with this crystal for healing support. Since it amplifies and generates energy, it can help you to bring aspects of your life into alignment when you focus your intentions and regularly engage with Clear Quartz. 

Abundance and prosperity are other attributes of Clear Quartz, so I suggest speaking your intentions to the crystal and sitting with it consistently. You can also light a candle near it as you set your goals, or place it near an object that represents what you would like to call in for yourself (such as a specific oracle card). 

A bonus tip - use your Clear Quartz during breathwork! Lean into the sensations and feelings that arise, and allow the energy to help you fall into greater alignment. 

*Please note, Clear Quartz is an amplifying crystal, so if you are uncomfortable with the energy you are feeling in any situation with it, it is best to revisit another time and work with a more gentle stone. 

There are many ways you can connect to your Clear Quartz. Allow yourself to sit with your piece in your hand for a short while to learn how the energy feels and become attuned to its energies. Once you have established a stronger connection, you may find yourself turning to this magnificent crystal more often!