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Say Hello to Your Higher Self

Say Hello to Your Higher Self: image

Connecting to the higher self can seem daunting or unrealistic to someone beginning their spiritual journey. This is because the higher self is often, and most misleadingly, referenced as something outside of yourself. As if it is something to strive for, or a different way of being

when in fact your higher self is simply you minus your ego or human identity. Your higher self is your pure consciousness and part of you. You can never be separated and always have access to the wisdom within you. The higher self connects you to your soul, souls purpose, your intuition, divine wisdom and universal consciousness.

The very active ego mind can cause distractions making you feel disconnected from your higher self. This can leave you feeling anxious, depressed or lost. When you allow yourself to connect to your higher self you activate your internal guidance system, life begins to flow a little easier, you gain clarity, have lighter and more joyful moments and manifesting new experiences becomes easier.

The first step to reconnecting to your higher self is deciding to trust the process. Accessing your higher self and finding balance between this higher conscious energy and your ego self is an adjustment and patience will be your friend. Energy healing, yoga and massage help to remove energetic blocks so you can more easily connect to the energy of your higher self. When you feel ready, the best way to create the connection is through sitting in stillness and silence.

Here are a few simple ways to connect to your higher self...

  • Meditation

  • Quiet nature walks

  • Ask for soul guidance through dreams

  • Listening and developing your intuition

  • Positive affirmations

  • Breath work

Your higher self is the source of all light and life within you and you can access the wisdom and compassion that your higher self holds anytime you feel called to.