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Spiritual Initiations Are An Essential Part Of Your Healing Journey!

Spiritual Initiations Are An Essential Part Of Your Healing Journey!: image

Initiations sound pretty on paper. They are stories told of grit with bold, and daring triumphs. Yet somehow we have mistaken our spiritual journey to be an easy one full of comfort. Any healer will tell you they have undergone their series of initiations, and expect to undergo even more. These are not straightforward tasks, and you often don't realize you are going through an initiation process until you are in the thick of it. Still, why do so many of us forget, and expect any less?

If you look at your life you will realize you, too, have been initiated many times through many life lessons. Everything from tough relationships, family issues, addictions, mental health issues, and illnesses are all part of these challenging stories. All the inspirational people you admire saw these initiations as opportunities for growth and expansion. So where did we get the idea that one day we will be all healed, and that's the object of desire... to be fixed??

There is not one human being that lives this false notion of a perfect life, still, we idolize happiness and a picturesque life free of any difficulties. I partly blame our new comforts and the highly edited videos and photos on social media. I also blame our rapid lifestyles disconnected from nature and her everyday growth. The tough truth is no matter where we are in life, eventually, we will be pulled into some form of despair.

When you feel like you want to give up, something inside of you is missing, and you feel so lost, hurt, and confused; those are telltale signs of initiation. More often than not paired with this initiation, is some form of imposter syndrome. Our biggest fears and blocks are usually an essential part of our spiritual and healing journey. Those subconscious thoughts you like to brush off eventually will boil over, and ask us to sit with the pain! Tower moments and nights of the soul are also part of our initiation healing journey; it's those moments that feel like they will break us, that build us up.

So what is the purpose of these painful initiations?? The aim is for you to find yourself! To find all the bits of you that feel unloved, ignored, suppressed, and hidden, and through our greatest wounds, lies our greatest potential. There is no certificate, equation, or concrete answer to this delicate process, and nor is there a final stamp of approval. I say this all to show you that difficulties are part of life, and give us profound wisdom! More than anything we should expect tough times on our healing journey, and know that it is an inevitable part of our human experience. To deny ourselves this truth is to deny ourselves love for not fitting into an unrealistic box of perfection.

My practice in ancestral veneration has shown me time and time again, that it is these experiences that paved the way for an opening that breaks the chains of many generational wounds! People often ask me how I have healed so much generational trauma, and how I have connected the dots from my darkest times to a better future, and I wish I could give a simple answer. I have witnessed my willingness to break - I allow myself to crumble and fold, knowing that I am not alone!

I do not heal or fix solely by my desire but from the love and support of my ancestors and guides. Everything I do from the moment I get up to the small daily tasks of life is witnessed by the spiritual team who is always by my side. Through this faith, I have found conviction! There is something that always burns inside of me, that won't allow me to give up.

I have lived a very tough life that has enabled me with compassion and understanding from lived experience, that I wouldn't otherwise have for my clients. Every time I am going through a tough time, eventually, I am always reminded that this too will be part of my story, I will prevail, and I will do more than just survive! I understand that I have agreed to live through these stories, to gain a greater awareness of uplifting my legacy and those that come after me!

That agreement is not for everyone, but it's what has given me the upper hand to truly see inside of anyone!

If you are going through a tough time, feel lost, hurt, and discouraged, and want to know more about my work, I invite you to click on my FREE Platica link below. “Platica” means “warm chat" in Spanish think of it as a Soul chat where I get to know you better as a soul and your needs in your healing journey.


Remember, you are not alone, and going through tough times will show you the magnitude of your strength & capabilities!!