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Welcoming the Spring Energies with Garden Quartz - a Channeled Message

Welcoming the Spring Energies with Garden Quartz - a Channeled Message: image

Now that the Spring Equinox is drawing closer for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it is time to start clearing our physical and energetic spaces to make way for new beginnings. A time of abundance, fertility and creativity, Spring is an ideal season to set new intentions. This time of year is connected to rebirth and fresh starts, so take a moment to think about what you would like to bring in for yourself in the months ahead. 

What intentions are you setting for yourself? 

As you reflect on this, I am called to Garden Quartz (also known as Lodolite) to support your endeavors at this time. Recently I hosted a crystal healing workshop for the Spring Equinox, and we used this magical crystal at the center of our crystal grid. 

The crystal contains various mineral deposits that give it unique coloring as well as different metaphysical properties. Some of the minerals found inside Garden Quartz consist of Hematite, Chlorite and Feldspar inclusions. 

A crystal of transformative energy, Garden Quartz offers frequencies that are grounding and nurturing. When making changes in our lives, having this kind of reinforcement allows us the opportunity to move with more stability and grace. 

Garden Quartz is a crystal of prosperity and abundance. The energies help you to connect to joy and expansion, along with nature. Work with this crystal to tap into more energetic balance as you navigate your new possibilities. 

This morning, I sat with Garden Quartz and asked her for a message to share with everyone. I channeled how she can assist you when you connect to her this Spring season.

She showed me a woman full of joy, dancing in circles with arms wide open in a field of tall grass and colorful flowers. She smiles fully and laughs as she spins in gratitude and excitement. 

“Be patient, fear not. Show your thanks to the many gifts of the world and of nature. As you work with me in patience and understanding that all things unfold in their own time, know that I am offering you deep vibrations of healing. Moving you to new territory as we push out old energies and make space for new. Sit with the fairies and see the Beings all around you, ready to help. Call in what you would like for yourself, ask loudly and know that it will come. To work with me,  you must trust. Trust that all is unfolding in your favor. We sit in peaceful bliss together, watching the world go by as we sit slowly, mindfully and with purpose. Clear your mind and sit with me silently. Enjoy each day and the warmth the sun brings - see it as a token of beauty that is being offered to you. Let it fill you with light and healing. Allow me to offer you healing and motivation, inspiration on your journey. I am happy to help.” 

With gratitude to Garden Quartz for this message, I invite you to connect to this powerful crystal energy as you set your intentions and work towards bringing your dreams to fruition this Spring.