Intuitive Practice Reading Group


Developing your Intuitive abilities and need practice? Continue growing your abilities through a weekly practice reading group. Each week, we will have volunteers, go through a guided meditation, and I will give you tips throughout the practice session to help build your abilities even further.

Students in my Intuitive Development Courses or Mentorship program can attend these practices for free while you are enrolled. Those who are interested in volunteering to be read, message Theon separately to add your name to the list.

*Please Note: Theon's classes or any of her services do not replace professional Medical/legal/ business opinions and advice.

Theon Paulino-Filippelli
Theon is a gifted intuitive, medium, remote viewer, and healing channel whose masterful communication skills, pure drive to help, and innate ability t…
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  • Schedule date April 08, 2023
    7:00 PM8:00 PM