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What Crystals are you working with right now & why?

What crystals are you currently working with and for what intention? 

Lately I have been working with a piece of Garnet at my tailbone/root chakra for grounding and grounding into my heart, as well as Shungite for energetic detox and protection. 

Share what you are using and for what purpose, and we can talk about different crystals and answer any questions! 

Dec 21, 2022 2
Image Ali Coyne

Amethyst and malachite have been seeking me out in a major way. Amethyst aids in intuition, channeling, wisdom, protection, and psychic work, while the malachite creates a barrier -- almost acting like a ward -- between us and the negative energies around us, and offers EMF protection. In my pockets, I carry Jet for negativity absorption on the right side, and Hiddenite/Green Kunzite on the left to help in making heart-based choices.
Dec 28, 2022
Image Dawn Marino

Hi Ali! Thank you for sharing. That is interesting that Amethyst and Malachite have been seeking you out so intently. I find when I work with Malachite it really helps to push things to the surface that need exploring and purging. Sometimes I need to brace myself, haha. Jet is such a great stone for negativity absorption ... I love your reasons for carrying Hiddenite/Green Kunzite with you!
Jan 02, 2023