Akashic Records Reading

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This is an opportunity to dive into the history books for your soul and ask for guidance, closure or healing.

 When you work with the Akashic Records, you're looking at a bird's eye view of a situation, place, collective or specific soul. It's like your own personal library, where all the individual books are divided into specific lifetimes.

This Session lasts 30-60 mins so come prepared with questions and we can dive right in!  

"Melanie was warm and welcoming, she made me feel like I was talking with a friend! She was spot on and was detailed with the information she provided and answered my questions thoroughly. I didn’t feel rushed or like just another reading but like I had her undivided attention. I would definitely do another reading with her and highly recommend her!! " Testimonial -L.R.

Preparing for an Akashic Records Reading

Below are some suggestions of questions to ask during an Akashic Records reading. The Akashic Records provide guidance for the highest good of you and everyone connected to you.

Prepare to ask What / Why / How questions as they provide a fuller scope of information vs. Yes/No questions. Give backstory as needed for your questions - the more you speak, the more comes through. Feel free to take notes or sketch during the session.

Examples of questions to ask The Akashic Records:

Why did my Soul choose to be me in this lifetime? What have been my greatest contributions to the world, thus far, in this lifetime? What Guides/Angels/passed on Loved Ones are with me? How can I connect clearly with them? What messages do they have for me at this time? How can I move on from (experienced hardship) once and for all? What were the benefits of (experienced hardship)? What’s blocking me from (desired experience or outcome)? What past life can best support me right now? Who are my ancestors? What can I learn from them? Do my ancestors have any messages for me at this time? What habits/patterns, that are not for my highest good, can I release? What’s the most important message for me at this time? If you’re struggling with overwhelming emotions, ask to be taken to “the Healing Room” in the Akashic Records where you’ll receive deep healing on the ethereal level.

The questions you can ask are endless. Dig deep or just have fun!

Feel free to contact me directly to schedule a reading. ✨

Author: Melanie Stroing
Melanie Stroing
Melanie is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Earth Ascension Reiki, 13thOctave LaHoChi Practitioner, and intuitive psychic medium. By combing her soul…
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