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The Akashic Records hold information of your soul's energetic imprint of its past lives, present life, and potential future. This non-linear, non-spatial place is overseen by your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. Many readers use the metaphor of a library so it's more understandable to the human mind. I, personally, see or sense your Guides over a waterway barrier. Your Guides are always supportive and non judgmental and know that you are here to learn lesson in this Earth School.

In your 60 minute reading, I connect to your Record's Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones to answer your questions and receive guidance. Come prepared with 8 - 10 open ended questions; who, what, when, where, why. Keep the questions somewhat specific. "What should I do with my life?" question will only get you a general answer. There may not be enough time to answer all your question, but it's better to have too many than not enough.

Here are some examples of questions. Know that I can help you formulate questions once we meet. You will receive guidance from your Guides because you ultimately have free will in regards to your present and your future.

                          • What can I do to expand my ability to trust myself?
                          • How can I embrace a deep sense of self-worth?
                          • How can I bring more joy and laughter into my life?
                          • What past life patterns have created blocks or limits in my life?
                          • How can I let go of the patterns of my soul which no longer serve me?
                          • What do I need to know about ____?
                          • What is my truth about __________?
                          • What is beneficial for me to understand about _______?
                          • What no longer serves me about _____?
                          • How am I out of step with ____?
                          • What will bring release with _______?

                          It is my honor to connect to your Guides and Spirit Team. I look forward to working with you.

                        Author: Karen Hibl
                        Karen Hibl
                        ​Karen is an Akashic Record reader, Past Life Regression facilitator, Reiki II practitioner and Psychic Medium. Her healing modalities are empowering…
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