Animal Communication

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I am able to communicate with animals living or passed.  I need only a photo of the animal, a name can help, too, but it's not necessary. I can pick up on things like how your animal feels, things/people/food it likes or dislikes, how it feels about other animals or people around it and you, it's needs and sometimes health nor behavioral issues that may be coming up or you may be dealing with right now. I am able to also pick up on what may be causing behavioral issues, lethargy, or depression, etc. Really whatever your animal chooses to share with me at that time.

* Please remember: I am not a vet. A reading from ANY medium, including myself by no means replaces regular veterinary care, check ups & required vaccinations! 

If you would like to book this service, please MESSAGE ME FIRST and I can receive a photo from you We'll then talk about a time for you to book & pay after I receive the photo for us to have a chat about what I receive from your pet. I will not begin tapping in to your pet until you have booked your post reading chat. Thank you!

Author: Melanie Rose
Melanie Rose
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