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Welcome to Saussie Tarot! I am so excited that you were led to me and are considering placing your trust in me as your reader. My name is Sam (she/her), and I am the reader for Saussie Tarot, and a Certified Tarot Advisor through Biddy Tarot. My expertise is in transformation and healing; uncovering the subconscious; and guiding my clients towards validation and confirmation to help them break through to the next level of their journey.  I am open to any types of readings that fall within my Code of Ethics and Boundaries, and am commonly asked to read for the following types of questions (please continue to my general overview of do's and don'ts for more information):

  1. - Love, Partnerships and Relationships
    - Work, Career, and Business
  2. - Family and Friends
  3. - Personal Healing and Transformation 
    - Pet Readings (I have read for cats, birds, a guinea pig, a bearded dragon, and most commonly, dogs! If your furry, feathered, or scaly friends are not listed, I am still open to reading for them!) 
  4. - Past Loved Ones (I am an intuitive reader and not a psychic medium)

Please read the next section for a general overview of what I do and do not do in my readings:

- I do intuitive readings; I am not a psychic medium and do not do fortune telling reads
- I do encourage personal choice and the power of free will
- I do encourage Choice-Based questions and do not recommend Fate-Based Questions
- I do guide my clients to ask more powerful questions to receive more powerful guidance
- I do not read other (living) peoples’ energies without their permission (I will pull my clients’ energy in relation to another person as long as I am not pulling directly from someone else’s energy)
- I do read energies of animals/pets as well as past loved ones
- I do provide my Code of Ethics and Preparation Guide alongside all purchases
- I do incorporate Numerology, Astrology, Human Design, Crystals, and Law of Attraction teachings as I feel called to


1) Please message me before booking a same-day reading. In order to properly prepare my energy before your healing session, I prefer at least 16-hours' notice. This also helps reduce attachments to a specific outcome that a client might unintentionally bring (when in the energy of needing an urgent answer). Depending on the nature of the question(s) and my energy, all bookings may be subject to divine timing aka a reschedule.  

2) I am located on the West Coast in Pacific Standard Time. Messages and bookings are typically checked no earlier than 8-9am PST (11am-12pm EST) and no later than 8pm PST (11pm EST). My typical response time will vary between 1-2 hours, depending on my bookings for the day. Any messages received outside of my normal working hours, please allow at least 12 hours for a response.

3) Guidance should not be taken as legal, medical, financial or mental health advice. I do not take responsibility for any actions taken or not taken as a result of these sessions. Please book at your own discretion and understand that all messages are interpretations made by Saussie Tarot.

<3 As an advocate of access and equitable practices, I understand that times may be tough for some. If you have been drawn to my energy and the only thing standing between you and booking a session is funding, please message me directly to book a complimentary sample reading and I will be happy to discuss other options moving forward. <3

Author: Sam(she/her)
Sam (she/her) is a Certified Tarot Advisor for Saussie Tarot and received her certification through Biddy Tarot, the leading company for online tarot…
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