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This is a 45 minute mediumship session. During this session we will spend 5-10 minutes with an introductions where you as the sitter will communicate your reason for booking the session and I as the medium will explain how mediumship works. Once we've established what your goals for the session are we will do a couple minutes of breath work, during which I will begin to connect to spirit and bring through your loved ones and messages. I try my best to connect with your desired loved one but the intelligence of spirit sometimes dictates that someone else comes through because they have a message that is more important for you to hear. This session is intuitively guided and may include small amounts of other modalities (like energy healing or oracle cards) if I feel led by spirit.

Author: Chesley
I am a developing medium that is currently being mentored by Danielle Searancke through Spirit School. I have completed her 8 week Initiation mediumsh…
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