Mediumship Readings

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Join Amy for a reading where she will connect to Spirit to bring forward evidence that you will know about your loved ones. What they were like, what kind of job they had, hobbies, faith, personality and characteristics, their favorite food, places!

After validation that it is your loved one, Amy will move into messages they have for you from the other side!

This is a healing experience for both sides. Spirit will bring forward what they are seeing and experiencing in Spirit, who they are with in Spirit. Pets they have been reunited with. Things the have experienced during their time on the other side. There will even be a time to ask questions!

Thank you for choosing me to connect with your loved ones in Spirit! 

Author: Amy Barrington
Amy Barrington
Amy Barrington is an evidential medium who is passionate about bringing the world healing with her abilities along with Reiki Healing. Her abilities s…
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