Past Life Regression Hypnosis

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Tap into your Past Lives to reveal how they affect you in this lifetime.

Discover your past lives to find clarity with issues, situations or people you experience in your world today. A Past Life Regression (PLR) may allow you to see who you've reincarnated with, find out why you have a phobia or you may find a repetitive theme. There are so many possibilities as to why, I can't list them all here. Your "why" is unique to you.

Here you will discover lessons learned in that lifetime, any blocks carried over, clear any emotional residues, and speak to your Spirit Guides.

You are safe and you are in control during your hypnosis experience.

When booking with me:

This is a 1.5 hour session (allot 2 hours in case we go over) even thought the calendar shows it's one hour.

You must allow a minimum 24 hour window to ensure I have time to prepare for our meeting; meaning, please don't book the same day.

Complete this Intake Form as soon as you have booked.

This offering is not therapy but discovery and enjoyment.

After I review your Intake Form with you on your scheduled day, I will put you in a light hypnotic state and guide you to your past lives. You are in total control as I am here to guide you toward more of your own self power.

  • Preparation:

To prepare for your best experience, please click this Intake Form to answer preliminary questions and how to prepare your surroundings for our meeting.

By scheduling, you agree to the terms and conditions  (hoovering over to read).

If this is your first hypnotic session, know that you are in safe hands. I will be elaborating more on the items below when we meet.

Past life memories can come through any of the senses: see, hear, smell, feel emotion, feel kinesthetically, a knowing, etc.

Most people expect to see vivid visual images during a past life regression but not all people do. Memories can come across as feelings, physically or just a sense of things happening, they may come as a sense of "knowing", you may hear the memories, smell things, or it could be a combination of all of those!

There is no "right" or "wrong" way to experience this. There is your unique way.

It may feel like you are making it up, but just go with it. Don't overthink, try too hard or force it...just allow.

Have a couch, comfy chair, or bed so to relax. Your space should be quiet and free from distraction.

I will guide you through a meditation that will put you in a trance. From there you will visit past lives.

I look forward to working with you.

      • Warm Regards,
  • Karen
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Karen Hibl
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