Tarot-guided Therapeutic Art Session

Tarot-guided Therapeutic Art Session: image

Using tarot to read the energy of your current timeline, Rhonda guides you through a therapeutic art exercise that will help you tap into a meditative state. In this meditative state, Rhonda co-creates with you a means to process and transmute the energy and circumstances encountered. The type of therapeutic art explored varies depending on the information uncovered in your tarot reading and is intuitively tailored to your specific needs. 

Client is responsible for acquiring art materials: 5 inch by 8 inch (A5) or larger paper (can be loose paper or in a sketchbook), Drawing Materials of client's choice (ex: pencil, colored pencil, fine line marker, fine tip permanent marker, crayon, pastel, and/or oil pastel), Watercolor (optional); Session can be completed with other art media (acrylic paint, collage, pen & ink, etc.), upon client request.

Author: Rhonda - Half Moon Path Studio
Rhonda - Half Moon Path Studio
As a Therapeutic Art Coach to seekers and creatives, Rhonda helps clients awaken their innate artistic gifts as a means to foster greater mindfulness,…
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