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Each medium has their own way of connecting to spirit or Universal energy in order to provide a sitter (that's you) with a communication from their loved ones and friends who have passed.

A mediumship reading from me consists of me heightening my natural abilities of perception and my natural senses to connect with your loved ones in spirit to pass along a message or guidance. Each reading is different and chances are you will walk away with way more than you expected! I will also use my natural intuition (psychic) for guidance as I am led to in that moment.

Intuitively (psychically), I see/read your energy and everything you carry with you. With things from your past (or past lives), what my be in your life now, and with what may potentially be coming up for you, I can intuitively help guide you in a way that helps you move forward and process these life happenings. 

I may also pull a card for you to help me see where you are in your life today and the things you may be working through in the now or beyond. 

My readings have a relaxed, natural flow,  like a conversation with an invested friend or loved one. All readings are filled with information and guidance that you need and can use in the "now". My nature is to be very up front and direct and my readings usually tend to 'go deep'.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Author: Melanie Rose
Melanie Rose
I am a Natural Medium. An Intuit, a Psychic, an Evidential Medium, a "Knower", a Spiritual Adviser, a Mentor, a Healer. I love Energy Movement, I am a…
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