Reiki Energy Healing

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Each individual energy healing session will empower you to drop into your heart space, release what no longer serves you and allow you to receive guidance to help you align with your highest timeline. Reiki is a modality that supports a client to restore a sacred bond to their higher self through a reconnection to a universal life force energy. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful energetic vibration channeled to enhance the flow and balance of your personal energy field through an alignment of the chakra energy centers.
You have the option to choose between a 30 or 60 minute session. I invite you to take a moment before the session to set an intention for your healing journey. Intention is a very powerful aspect of energy healing and intention alone can ignite the healing process. 
    1. • Reduced pain and discomfort in the body. • Reiki strengthens the immune system allowing the body to fight off illness more easily. • More rapid healing following illness or injury. • Reiki supports fertility, conception and the reproduction process.


      • Reiki may provide an opportunity for shadow work. • Your mind becomes calmer. • Stress Relief • Clarity 


      • Emotional Release, gradually bringing you back into balance. • The mind calms and becomes less erratic. • Depression, insomnia, lack of confidence, addiction and fear-based illnesses ease or disappear.   


      • Detachment of judgements and preconceived notions. • Increased intuition will lead to a more purposeful direction in life. • You will feel connected and in tune with the universe. 


      1. 7th Generation Usui Reiki Master Teacher
      2. 13th Octave LaHoChi Practioner
      3. Chakra Energy Grids
      4. Spiritual Intuitive Medium
      5. Shamanic Elements in Reiki Certified
      6. Reiki for Ascension Certified


"My session with Melanie was incredible. She made me feel really comfortable through the whole experience. In the beginning, we discussed a few things I wanted to work through beforehand. During the reiki session, my whole body started to tingle. I could feel her energy moving through me. It was a profound experience that I would recommend to anyone. I felt lighter and clearer after my session. I can't thank Melanie enough! " -K.M -Reiki Client

If the time slots available do no fit your availability, please message me directly and I will accommodate you the best I can. 

Author: Melanie Stroing
Melanie Stroing
Melanie is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Earth Ascension Reiki, 13thOctave LaHoChi Practitioner, and intuitive psychic medium. By combing her soul…
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