Soul to Soul Readings

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During your session you will receive your souls message which will assist you in your progress. You will receive confirmations to questions that you have been processing but may have been resistant to accept. You will be given messages from spirit that will assist you in your healing. 

You may feel emotional, tingling sensations, see colors, experience a release, aha moments and a sense of clarity. These are just some of the experiences that may occur during your session. All is received through a gentle, compassionate, and loving energy.

** Bring water to your session and remember to hydrate before and after the session.

Make sure that you are in a comfortable space where there will be no interruptions to distract you from your session.  After all this is your time and you are worthy. 

Blessings, Love and Light

Author: Marilyn Maldonado
Marilyn Maldonado
My name is Marilyn Maldonado. I am a Curandera, Bilingual Sacred Medicine Woman, Reiki-Master-Teacher, and a Shamanic Medicine Practitioner. Studied C…
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