Usui Holy Fire Reiki Healing Level 3

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Healing Level 3: image

Amy's mission in life is to bring Reiki to the world!

Sit back, relax with music, take a few deep breaths and let Amy bring you on a healing journey!

Using her Reiki Healing Amy will scan your energy field to see if there is anything stuck or not serving you any longer. Removing it and sending back to the earth, Amy will allow the powers of Reiki to travel to the places that your body need healing. There can be emotional releases throughout the session, and you will receive a follow up email to check in to see how you did with your treatment!

Reiki is best done in several sessions to feel the full benefits so bundle packages are available! 

This is a great way to release stress, ground yourself, start the healing process!

Author: Amy Barrington
Amy Barrington
Amy Barrington is an evidential medium who is passionate about bringing the world healing with her abilities along with Reiki Healing. Her abilities s…
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