Angelia Santiago

My name is Angelia Santiago and I am an Ancestral Healing Guide, Energy Healer, Intuitive, Bruja, and Curandera.

My journey into spirituality has led me through various avenues, but about 4-5 years ago, the doorway to healing with my ancestors opened up in a profound way!

Ancestral veneration is a practice from my lineage and has been for centuries. Much of what I teach and guide my clients through, is from lived experience in coming back home to my roots.

My spiritual gifts have been both passed down and cultivated from my own inner healing. My practice is a combination of Indigenous/Caribbean energy healing, channeled downloads, and intuitive guidance. I firmly believe, we can all benefit from generational healing! As we heal our past, we pave the way for new undiscovered blessings for ourselves and future generations!

I mainly work with WOC, through healing generational and decolonial trauma, and reconnecting to the power of their ancestors! I love serving in this way and teaching people how we can reclaim our DIVINE SOVEREIGNTY!

Healing is always an ongoing process but it is part of our experience as humans to learn, grow, and love! Through the development of my practice, I have come to the understanding, that I am but a facilitator holding space for this healing. It fulfills my soul to serve in this way, and be a reminder to give ourselves a little more grace. The body holds all the secrets to more than we can see, and that is something I am continuously growing and learning, through the love and power of my ancestors!

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