Dawn Marino

Dawn Marino is a Spiritual Medium, Psychic, Intuitive Energy Healer, Intuitive Tarot Reader and Spiritual Writer. Dawn also works with crystal energy healing and creates channeled healing art infused with Reiki for clients.

Dawn connects to your higher self & spirit team to deliver messages, healing and guidance. These sessions help you take back your power with a renewed sense of hope, clarity and direction. If you are feeling lost, confused or not quite yourself, a session with Dawn and her spirit team will offer the steps necessary to get you back on your path.

Dawn specializes in helping people going through the Dark Night of the Soul and those in the Void space that follows. If you are feeling disconnected and far removed from your higher self, she will walk with you on your journey to support you through this to the other side. Having experienced a long Dark Night and still lingering in the Void herself, she has been where you are and wants to help bring you back into alignment.

Dawn has published two books, "The Tarot Journal for Beginners" and the "Complete Guide to Tarot." She has written many different articles on crystals and crystal healing.

Dawn provides remote readings and healing sessions, allowing clients from all over the globe to experience her healing sessions. Dawn enjoys connecting with people and helping to guide them along their own healing journey.

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