Dean was blessed to meet a gifted teacher who opened his consciousness to discover spirituality and the unknown. His teacher taught him her gifts of cartology, (reading tarot, destiny cards and playing cards), numerology, aura color and sensing healing energy. Through his first teacher, he was able to connect to his intuition and empathic abilities.

He continued his spiritual growth by learning from other wonderful teachers. Through his teachers, he gained more insight on energy healing modalities, spiritual cleansing, psychometry, clairvoyant, channeling and working with the energies of the Earth. He recently learned Bazi - Chinese astrology and is a firm believer in Eastern metaphysics.

He is a strong advocate for empowerment and personal transformation. Life provides us choices to make. Learning to use your intuition to become more conscious of yourself will help you make better choices in life. By taking ownership and responsibility of your life, you are able to shape and change it to what you want. His passion is to share this with you.

Intuitive Clairvoyant Channeled Readings
This is for intuitive clairvoyant channeled readings.
Tarot Reading
This is for Tarot readings.