Karen Hibl

​Karen is an Akashic Record reader, Past Life Regression facilitator, Reiki II practitioner and Psychic Medium. Her healing modalities are empowering for others, leading them to a deeper connection to self and therefore spirit.

Past Life Regressions, in 2015 with friends, were the beginning of this spiritual journey. Visiting past lives turned into meeting spirit guides while under hypnosis. Her own, naïve, belief was “this was the only way I can connect with the other side”. An opportunity to study Mediumship arrived in the summer of 2020. She developed a new belief system: anyone can connect! This new found ability became a catalyst to try everything that involves a spiritual connection - animal communication, oracle cards, soul readings, Akashic Records, Reiki, etc.

Always searching for something deeper and truer than she learned and believed growing up, she found her answer connecting with Spirit. Karen wants to share the significance of energy, intention and the act of healing. These can easily be overlooked in our busy lives but needed for growth and expansion while in this world.

Karen is a wife and a mother, who lives in the Utah mountains. She was a previous special education teacher and entrepreneur. Travel is an obsession, whether camping among the Redwoods or walking the cobblestone streets of Europe.

Akashic Records Reading
The Akashic Records hold information of your soul's energetic imprint of its past lives, present life, and potential future. This non-linear, non-spat…