Melanie Rose

Here, I am an Intuit, a Psychic, an Evidential Medium, a "Knower", a Spiritual Adviser, a Mentor, a Healer. I love Energy Movement, I am an Animal Communicator, a Mystic.

In my 'regular life' I have a bachelors degree in Psychology and I am a Professional Photographer. I am a Mother of three crazy, compassionate, amazing humans. I am a Nature & Animal lover, and a Runner. I love boxing, weight lifting, Jiujitsu. I very much enjoy keeping fit. I grow alot of plants...too many of them. I love a good Boho, "island" vibe, and all things eclectic. I welcome all humans (and animals!) to my practice, regardless of how you choose to live or present yourself. I see the world and it's inhabitants in a very unique way and that is everchanging, as I evolve in this lifetime. I'm always happy to talk about that, about all things spiritual! Questions? Message me or we can chat, or look for one of my upcoming online chats.

How did I get here?

Having psychic & mediumistic gifts from birth, my father passed when I was just 11 months old, but as a young child I would see him in spirit, just hanging around the house. Throughout my youth there were always strange happenings around me that I quickly realized did not happen to other kids. I would hear voices, see things that others didn't, get guidance from out of nowhere, "know" when it's time to leave a place, or when danger is near and know immediately when someone was lying.

In my early adult life, I finally decided that I was going to embrace these heightened sensitivities and learn more. I began a journey of continual & lifelong studies which has included international training with brilliant, world renowned tutors & mentors, for which I will be forever grateful. I have learned to further understand and develop my gifts in ways that I had never, ever thought possible so many years ago. Mediumship and all that comes with it is an evolutional process of learning that I will boldly and emphatically continue throughout this lifetime and beyond.

My lifelong commitment to myself (and others) is to always be true to who I am. If you met me years ago, and you meet me in the present, I choose to be consistently the same "real" person that I always was. I speak honestly and to the point and always with your best interest at heart. I look forward to hearing from you, soon!

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