Melanie Stroing

Melanie is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Earth Ascension Reiki, 13thOctave LaHoChi Practitioner, and intuitive psychic medium. By combing her soul purpose of working through the heart with her natural ability to channel energy she has created a space that allows others to navigate their healing journeys in a compassionate, kind, and supportive atmosphere.

Credentials Include

-7th Generation Usui Reiki Master Teacher

-13thOctave LaHoChi Practitioner

-Chakra Energy Grids

-Spiritual Intuitive Medium

-Shamanic Elements in Reiki Certified

-Reiki for Ascension Certified

-Meditation Teacher

Melanie’s mission is to make spirituality fun and easy by connecting you with Spirit and sharing tools that empower you to manifest a joyful life!

Reiki Energy Healing
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Akashic Records Reading
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Heart Expanding Meditation
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