Shayla Oxley


My name Is Shayla and I am an intuitive medium, aura reader, energy worker and mentor, as well as a spiritually inspired artist. My intention is to connect with others and help facilitate a sacred space to heal, explore, learn, and connect with the beautiful world of Spirit.

Whether it's connecting to a loved one who has passed, a Reiki healing energy session or a soul aura reading, my sessions are meant to inspire healing and bring forth curiosity towards your own personal and unique connection to the spirit world.

My Journey started five years ago after two loved ones pass away within three months of one another. After those intense losses I discovered the healing that mediumship and spiritual reading can bring if given by a well rounded and ethical medium or spiritual worker.

Soon after I started to have some very intense mediumistic experiences, so I decided to follow the spiritual bread crumbs and started training within mediumship and psychic development.

Later on down the road I trained and certified in aura colour readings, as well as Reiki energy healing.

One of my favourite ways to connect to Spirit is through aura and color. I create with the help of spirit "Soul Aura Portraits" that reflect you or your loved one in spirit's energy. Along with the aura portrait you will also receive any messages that spirit wants you to know within this moment in life. Sometimes the messages are more evidential mediumship and other times they re more psychic in nature. The fun part is seeing what the spirit world has to communicate!

There are so many ways to experience Spirit and I hope I can be a guide for you to explore more in the near future.