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FAQ's from Readings I've done

FAQ's from Readings I've done: image

Hi everyone –


I thought I’d try to explain the ‘unexplainable’ as far as my viewpoint of receiving messages from Spirit.    There is and always will be an element of mystery to all of this, but I thought I’d try my best to explain how it works for me.

 Love & Light to you all 

 ~ JL



Q: How do you receive messages from Spirit?


Without cards:  The best way I can describe it is clearing your SELF out of the way and imagining you are like a ‘receiver’ for a message.   I try to be as neutral and still as possible so I can sense what feelings are coming from WITHIN INSIDE ME.  It’s important to note that it’s not like a person coming to talk to you…in a real sense, they are using your energy, and emotions to convey their messages.  It can sometimes feel like “charades”.   It can start with an emotion (feeling anxious, scared, etc.) and then see an image, then “hearing” a word for a more complete message.   Sometimes it’s a full download at once like seeing a quick movie.    Sometimes a spirit that has passed will just show a stagnant picture of themselves and then “download” what he or she wants to say through feeling, knowing, or hearing.    

With cards:  There are many ways to interpret tarot, once you develop the basics of tarot and the meaning(s) of each card, then you can do spreads.   With spreads, there are still multiple ways to read the cards and therefore you must still rely on your intuition as well as the definitions of each card to convey what the messages are.  

Q: Does everyone have the capability to receive messages from spirit? How do I (client) receive direct messages from Spirit?

A: Absolutely yes! When are children we are very connected to spirit, and it is something that most of us lose by the age of 6 or 7 years old.   You can practice for 10 minutes a day, being still and writing questions in a journal, and then be very patient to be a ‘receiver’ for the messages.   Even if you get just 1 feeling out of the blue to start, that is progress! Keep at it! The best way to start is also to start acknowledging the coincidences, the help in your life that shows up just at the right time, etc. from Spirit.   Whether you hear that song at just the right time on the radio or run into a person you just thought about that you haven’t seen in years.  ACKNOWLEDGE THIS JUST TO YOURSELF and you will then receive more messages. 

Q: Why can’t you just give me the lottery numbers if you just gave me all this info about my deceased Grandmom, Uncle, brother, etc.?

A:  So, in short, if the lottery is not on your life path, you will not win since bigger events are almost always pre-planned.   From what I have gathered from all the readings I have done, there is free will, but to some extent, there are ‘destined’ life path events, people, etc. that are pre-planned.  I do not ‘choose’ what comes through, I just trust implicitly at this point from doing this so much, that whatever comes through is very much on purpose even if it isn’t the answer we were expecting.     My role is to interpret the messages as accurately and as objectively (without my “human” opinion!) as possible including messages that I don’t even understand because it should ring true for you.   

Q: How should I feel after a reading with you or anyone?

A: You should feel validated and/or clarified with whatever messages come through.  The messages should “speak to your heart” and even feeling a lightness specifically in your heart chakra is a common takeaway.   I have not come across ONE deceased loved one’s spirit that was angry, vengeful, or upset with anyone no matter what your relationship was like with that person while they were alive.   I very much feel how they as spirits have been “scrubbed clean” of any ego altogether and only operate in LOVE and for your best and highest good.   Even deceased relatives that you may have not known well in life often become your “cheerleader” on the other side guiding you and helping you. 

Q:  What is the most common message that Spirit wants us to know? 

A: That we are LOVED AND SUPPORTED and that we can just ask for help when we need it from God, our deceased loved ones, spirit guides, etc.   If we acknowledge the signs, and coincidences they know that you’re prepared to receive more.  You are ALWAYS RECEIVING SUPPORT from the other side, but the more “open” you are to the mystery of knowing, feeling, listening to your gut, etc. the more you messages you will receive.