Image Jikara Starita ImagePractitioner

Soulmate vs Twin Flame, what is the difference?

This is an interesting question that I get a lot in my practice. From an Akashic Records perspective we have different levels of closeness with other…
Jan 21, 2023 0
Image Dawn Marino ImagePractitioner

Questions About Crystals - Crystal Healing, Properties, Usage & More

This is a space to ask all about crystals, to share and learn about ways to work with your crystals for healing and personal growth.
Jan 06, 2023 1
Image Ali Coyne ImagePractitioner

You do not need to suffer before you welcome joy and abundance into your life!

Hi, everyone. This month has closed a lot of doors, while somewhat simultaneously opening a few new ones. These are mostly energetic shifts for me, an…
Dec 28, 2022 0
Image Annette D Greene ImagePractitioner

My Life-Enhancing Vision Quest

I recently posted a blog called My Life-Enhancing Vision Quest. I'm interested in hearing about anyone else's life-enhancing experiences.
Dec 22, 2022 0