Mission Statement

Our mission is to facilitate and empower personal enlightenment for all who seek it, by providing the tools and resources needed to build on their spiritual growth. The EvolvMe platform seeks to offer one cohesive and nurturing space to connect gifted providers with those looking to explore their own spirituality, as well as a trusting and supportive community for the robust exchange of ideas and meaningful discourse.

Our social mission

EvolvMe believes in promoting the exploration of alternative, complementary avenues of mental, spiritual, and social wellness, broadening “wellness toolbox” and thereby helping to broaden accessibility to wellness in turn. While a core element of this is rooted in the promotion of practices of mindfulness and personal spiritual development, our model serves this aim with the incorporation of a more supportive and positive social networking experience. Today's social climate is full of negative messaging that drives a divisive social dynamic. This has contributed to a growing sense of uncertainty in the world. EvolvMe supports the collective push of people seeking new possibilities in their lives and routes for a return to social unity. A main objective is to create a new standard for online interaction, kindness in discourse, and a conscious rejection of destructive social patterns.

Our economic mission

EvolvMe was conceptualized with a specific mission to empower and increase the reach of microbusinesses in particular. We believe that small businesses and microbusinesses are critical to the economy, yet often unable to compete among larger organizations. Another of EvolvMe's core missions is to actively seek out artisan vendors and service providers in remote locations/“commerce deserts”/opportunity-limited markets and provide them the platform, tools, resources, mentoring and visibility to develop sustainable businesses for themselves and their communities.

Our philanthropic mission

Many paths of self-development and wellness — especially those at the social fore of current demand — have historically been inaccessible to those without the financial means to keep up with in-demand pricing. As part of our dedication to our belief that alternative routes to wellness should be more accessible to all, we are committed to structuring special programming that offers free and low-cost courses to those who may not otherwise have the ability to grow on their path of self-discovery.

Our ethical mission

We outspokenly acknowledge the ethical questions and issues that can arise from metaphysical practices as well as the sourcing of certain metaphysical tools such as crystals. Another core tenet of EvolvMe's mission is to confront these issues with open dialogue, undertake a level of due diligence uncommon to our industry regarding the vetting and ethics of practitioners exchanging their services for money, and support a return of the subject of metaphysics to serious inquiry. We will support unbiased research of metaphysics, its benefits, its questions, and its problems.

In the sourcing of spiritual products, EvolvMe puts significant resources into carefully vetting vendors to ensure that listed products are authentically and ethically sourced. We will also dedicate ourselves to educating the public about the proliferation of unethically sourced goods (such as healing crystals, which are commonly counterfeited or mined using environmentally harmful methods and child labor).

Our environmental mission

We are serious about the concept of stewardship over Mother Earth, and our mission is to set an example for other organizations regarding sustainable operations and a limited carbon footprint. We will put in place corporate policies and make conscious investments that benefit the environment and our earth.