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The Medicine is in the Shadows

The Medicine is in the Shadows: image

When we embark on a spiritual journey, we are typically ignited to walk this path due to experiences that feel heavy in our hearts. We take on a quest to seek solutions to feel better, this is a natural response for us as humans, because deep inside we know that our natural state is joy, so we seek ways to bring ourselves back to that place.

It's also important to recognize that when we incarnate on this planet, we are presented with a human experience that provides us with a wide range of exposure to resistance, this resistance is the other side of the coin, it shows up in the negative emotions or energies that we come to experience to be able to receive the contrast of the light. We are not here to resist the negative experience but rather to drop in to the experience fully, we are meant to allow ourselves to engulf in them so that we can alchemize and find the pearls of wisdom within these shadows, in essence, your medicine, is in your shadows!

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to have a tough conversation, or that you let yourself feel all the pain within so that you could let it die and be released in to the earth, or the last time you cried, felt the fear all the way through until it dissipated? Sometimes holding space for these emotions can feel overwhelming and scary, it can also be the reason why we numb in some way, or practice avoidant behaviors, such as mindlessly consuming media, overwork ourselves, avoid being alone with our thoughts or constantly keep our calendars full.

The truth is that when you are on this path, you must also accept the negative experiences as part of your journey, you are not here to sweep the negative under the rug and only be love and light, this is a recipe for increased hurt and additional karmic entanglements! if you are feeling triggered by something or someone, this is an invitation from the universe to hold space for this unseen part of you, so that you can take time to practice some self care, and the self care I am talking about is the type that will look like taking the necessary time within your means to sit with your emotions, to journal, to reach out for help or even reach out and have the tough conversations! The task may look too big, but I promise you that you will feel relieved afterwards! 

I want to invite you to see the beauty in your anger, pain, discontent, because they are the part of you where you draw all your wisdom and truth from.

If this task of doing the shadow work feels too overwhelming, I want to invite you to reach out, you don't have to do this alone, there are resources here that can help you step in to your power, because let me tell you... you have all that power inside to walk through this tunnel and find your way back to your joy!

I believe in you!