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You are the key, you are the door.

You are the key, you are the door.: image

Ah, yes.  Shadow.  Which wouldn’t occur without light…

So far, this winter has been very transformative for a lot of us, including myself.  Actually, there are times I don’t recognize myself.  It’s a weird period of leaving behind the old me, while simultaneously living this new me.  During the last few weeks, the solar flares, emotional and physical purging, Mars and Mercury being retrograde, everything going in slow motion, all forced me to do nothing, and to ALLOW myself to do nothing.  It was the worst sinus event I’ve had in many years, and there is no doubt in my mind that it had EVERYTHING to do with ascension, and the Age of Aquarius really beginning.  I feel like a completely different person after the fact, while still, the old me is fighting tooth and nail to worry, be lazy, find anxiety, and settle for less.  Because those things for that old program are comfortable because they’re “safe.” They’re safe because at least we know what that feels like.  But this period of reflection and regeneration was forced upon me so that I would finally level up and get out of my own way.  In becoming this new version of myself, in acknowledging and accepting and healing the shadow, I’ve removed such a LARGE obstacle from my path, and new things are just flowing so freely to me, now, without me even going after anything.  Things are being OFFERED to me.  Seeds are being planted FOR ME.  I AM MAGNETIC.  This is something I worked so hard for over the last year, and all I had to do was finally make a decision.  I had to break my own heart into a million pieces in order for it to EXPAND.  The breaking and the expansion are the key.  The door was always there, and I always had the key; but I just had to make the decision to take the key out of my pocket, put it in the keyhole, and unlock the door.

It was always ME.  It is always YOU.  Don’t do yourself a disservice by ignoring your shadow just because it’s uncomfortable.  It’s only uncomfortable until you shine light upon it and send it the love it deserves.