Elevating Body Love and Appreciation


Do you get stuck in the seeming endless loop of criticizing and critiquing your body?  It's shape, it's size?  What it can or can't do? It's healthy or ability to stay healthy? 

Did you know cultivating a healthier love and appreciation of your body could result in not only a healthier and more vibrant body, but also for you to increase feelings of peace, calm, and inner balance? 

It’s true. 

But it’s a practice. 

Join me for this live event to begin cultivating a new relationship with your body so that you can experience a greater sense of life satisfaction and inner peace.  

During this live event you will receive:

  • Distance Reiki healing to remove old block and stuck energy, beliefs and stories about your body (or bodies in general). 
  • Guided Meditation to begin planting the seeds for the relationship you would prefer with your body. 
  • Guidance on ways to increase your ability to lovingly respond to your body's needs. 
  • Journal prompts and affirmations so that you can continue this work on your own.  

Are you ready to uplevel your body love?   Are you ready to connect to a new sense of compassion and appreciation for your body?  

It's time to truly to cultivate a mind-body-spirit connection,  let's start by building a foundation of finding love, compassion and appreciation for your amazing body.   

You body has it's own wisdom; it's time to begin listening!  

Join me!  

Live Event: Elevating Body Love and Appreciation

Sunday, February 26, 2023

11:00 AM to 12:30 PM (Central Time Zone) 


Can't make this event? There are plenty of options!

I can create time for a private healing, meditation and time to chat--just for you! 

Join me next month for another live Reiki/Meditation group event, as we release and clear any blocks in the Root Chakra that has been holding you back! 

Book a current offering on Evolvme, including a free consult to learn more about how I can best work with you on healing, growing, and transforming! 

Looking forward to connecting!!


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