Emotional and Spiritual Akashic Healing


This is a collective (group) Akashic Record Clearing, this is similar to my 1:1 Spiritual Response Therapy Sessions but on a group setting, the idea behind this clearing is to help you experience the deep benefits of Spiritual Response Therapy at an affordable price.

During this February session, we will be gearing the clearing towards releasing programs related to any emotional baggage you may be holding on to at the subconscious level. Your divine right is to feel freedom from these energies!

If you are feeling stuck and you are ready to receive healing, I want to invite you to join me!

This clearing is for those who are ready to release karmic energies that are affecting their relationships, purpose and spiritual path.

All group clearings target programs that were created at a collective level from this and other lifetimes.

What to expect on this Group Akashic Clearing with Spiritual Response Therapy?

1- Intention Setting

2- Opening Meditation

3- Opening of Akashic Records for the Group

4- Spiritual Response Clearing protocol

5- Quantum and/or Akashic Healing Application

6- Closing of Records

7- Group Share.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Jikara Starita
Hello dear Soul! I am Jikara and I practice Spiritual Response Technique, and through my Highest Self I access the Akashic Records with the help of th…
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  • Schedule date February 26, 2023
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