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First, a message of thanks to my mentors / teachers …

First and foremost, it’s important to thank those who are living (lol…more about guides & deceased loved ones later) who have taught and shared their knowledge as well as their gifts with us.   First, I just want to extend my sincerest thank you to Debra Katz, President, teacher, and author at the International School of Clairvoyance.   Through her extensive experience as a psychic medium, she expertly teaches you how to develop your own intuition with hands-on practice, always on-point direction, and a down-to-earth approach that creates a safe learning environment to explore your own intuitive gifts which she asserts (& I agree with) that we ALL have…I would also like to thank my own personal clairvoyant medium, Michael (The Practical Magi) who has not only providing me invaluable insight into my life by connecting to my guides and deceased loved ones over many years, but also helped me in my own journey into psychic development.   Last but certainly not least, I want to express my appreciation and love for ‘super’ Theon (‘super’ because she has reached a higher-level vibrationally meeting one of her important life’s goals), creator of this one-of-kind platform, EvolvMe who has given me (and so many others like me) a platform that we otherwise would not have to connect people with the other side.   Thank you to all the EvolvMe practitioners (psychic mediums, tarot, reiki, etc) whom I know and don’t know yet for your continual work spreading ‘light’ into the world.   


Dec 04, 2022 0