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Forgiving the ‘Cranky Monster’ (shadow self) in ourselves and others….

How do we deal with or more importantly ‘clean-up’ the effects of our shadow selves?? 

This knowing that came from my meditation download was both funny and enlightening - what came through in response to my question of why life gets so complicated was ‘it’s just a cranky monster’…. It was a matter-of-fact quick retort responding my own exasperation with common human behavior.  Most of us try our best to keep our ‘cranky monsters’ in the closet, ignore it and prevent it from biting other people (sometimes we even bite ourselves!).  As many of us can agree, the frequency of ‘cranky monster’ appearing is just expressing more unprocessed pain inwardly – a result of distress, not who we were created and meant to be in the eyes of Source / God / Eternal Light which is LOVE.   Since the cranky monster comes out when we are in a state of distress which we all experience, perhaps we can normalize it and treat it as a temporary state and therefore forgive more readily and easily.  It doesn’t mean you should always be around someone who’s ‘cranky monster’ is always biting you, but can they really ‘bite you’ if you really know it’s just their ‘state’ they’re in?? Does it make it easier to forgive that person if you identify it as just the ‘cranky monster’ coming out? 

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Love & Light
Dec 04, 2022 1
Image Derrick G McBride

We cannot control other people actions or words, we can only control the way we react to them. For me knowing that the way people act is there karma, the way I react is mine and if reality is truly a reflection of our inner self then the question I ask is what is it within me that may need to be address that this person is showing me. Why am I allowing myself to be triggered by this person. The universe provides us opportunities for constant growth in a countless number of ways and if we are truly open to learn then everyone, everything, every interaction can be a moment of growth and empowerment. That being said, it most definitely can be EXTREMELY hard to remember this in the moment. That why we breath and try to remain in our center and remember our soul asked for these lessons and teachings in all forms.
Jan 04, 2023