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What’s the world going to look like in the years 2050 & 2060? THOUSANDS of remote viewers take a look and agree on….

On Jeffrey Mishlove’s podcast “New Thinking Allowed” he interviews Stephen Schwartz, an investigative journalist (among many other expert roles!) who has interviewed thousands of remote viewers since 1978 to see what the distant future will be like.  Since there’s no way to know if the remote viewers are they predicting a fixed future or the highest probability of what’s going to happen, Schwartz compares & contrasts what the remote viewers see on the same day in 2050 & 2060.   Schwartz’s uses the “consensus methodology” (originated in mid-18thcentury) where you make sure a group of people agree on what is being foreseen to get highly accurate data.  
Some future predictions so far based on the ‘consensus’:  
·      No nuclear war, thank goodness, but unfortunately, the world is much more dangerous with terrorism.

·      Large parts of California & Virginia Beach are completely under water, other dramatic events will occur with climate change 2040-2045 that changes the whole world (In 2060, the world finally adjusts to whatever big happens in 2040’s). 

·      Roadways will charge your EV while you’re driving

·      Healthcare - Hospitals are ‘quiet’ with an increased recognition that we live in a ‘matrix of consciousness’ and that everything is interconnected.   

·      CRISPR (genetic engineering) creates a NEW human species called “Homid Superior”.
Check out – The GDELT Project – Super google database using sophisticated algorithms since 1979 that reports on behavior, beliefs & events from all over the world from every news source.


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