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What to expect during a reading with me

During a reading, the specific details provided should validate that the reading really is for ‘you’.   For me, and through much practice, it’s extremely important that I’m staying in a ‘channeling’ state and not giving my opinion.   I am very careful to preface when & if I am giving my opinion (which is rare) vs. messaging.  One of the ways this is differentiated for me is because I don’t always ‘agree’ with what is coming through personally – and I don’t have to agree…I know that the other side has means and understanding beyond my opinion.   For example, after I felt someone’s boyfriend’s energy, my opinion immediately was saying ‘this guy is not for you!’, but the channeling message came through as presenting her with 2 stages to do first which I relayed exactly to a ‘T’.   Later, after a few readings, it came through why it was necessary to deliver those 2 stages to her, but not at the time initially for her with just this one example.  I have come to implicitly trust that what comes through is always what you need to hear at that time which may include insight and/or clarification on a whole variety of subjects.         

You may receive messages from deceased loved ones, your guides in the form of life advice on relationships, career, children, state of your health and or what ‘life themes’ you’ve mastered or what you still need to work on as a few examples. 

I look forward to reading you! 


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