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You do not need to suffer before you welcome joy and abundance into your life!

Hi, everyone.  This month has closed a lot of doors, while somewhat simultaneously opening a few new ones.  These are mostly energetic shifts for me, and the physical hasn't quite caught up yet.  A new theme that just came up for me is this one: needless suffering.  Through lots of reflection, I've realized that a core limiting belief I've held onto for so many lifetimes is that I think that I have to prove my worth through work.  In this lifetime, was raised by people with extreme work ethics, who were raised the same way by people who were raised by immigrants, who HAD to prove their worth through hard, thankless work.  I'm the one who gets to end this cycle, and heal this ancestral wound.  In many past lives, I feel greatly that I was spiritual/devoted, and probably took vows of poverty.  I'm sure I punished myself in the name of faith, as well.  And in this life, I get to release that baggage and karmic cycle, leave it behind, and welcome in joy and abundance freely, without constraint or condition.  It's a really exciting time and energy for me(!), but I have no idea where to go with it just yet... 

In starting this thread, I hope to offer a space for anyone who wishes to share their shifts and lessons, whether they be similar or different.  Know that you're worthy of your desires, abundance, prosperity, joy, and goodness! 

Dec 28, 2022 0