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As I was making an oil this afternoon, the idea came to me to offer a basic oil infusion class on the site!  This is such a good, easy way to work with herbs if you're just starting out, or you don't like making and drinking herbal teas.  Oils can be used medicinally, or spiritually, whichever calls to you.  Below are some examples how herbs can be used for different things in your own magical, spiritual, and medicinal practices:

Thyme:  Can be used medicinally for respiratory illnesses, wet cough, draining sinuses; also makes a good addition to healing ointments for scrapes and bug bites because of its antimicrobial & antiviral properties

Oregano:  The grandmother of the medicine cabinet for sore throats, colds, & flu

Lavender:  A great antiseptic; I put this in my ointments with thyme, rosemary, and lemon balm for those skin abrasions

Lemon Balm:  Anti-anxiety, sleep aid, anti-bacterial

Ashwaghanda:  Fabulous for an overactive nervous system.  Used daily in small doses, it helps to even out our stress responses, and helps us sleep better.  I use this & lemon balm religiously.

Mugwort:  This herb is used for intuitive purposes, like lucid dreaming and vivid meditation

Motherwort:  Anti-anxiety, but also an emmenagogue.  Sometimes ladies use this to trigger their menstrual cycle.

Black Pepper:  Can be used in protection spells & intentions

Cinnamon:  Can be used to help bring in prosperity and passionate creativity

Peppermint:  Keeps certain insects at bay, protects the home, and brings in abundance

And so on...

In this class, I'll give you some basics for a simple oil infusion method.  Have some herbs and high quality olive oil on hand, and feel free to reach out to me if you need inspiration and insight before we begin the class.

What you'll need:

Your intention, medicinal purpose, or magical purpose in mind, and ready to be put to use

At lease 1 ounce of your chosen DRIED herb(s).  (1oz dried looks like a lot)

At least 10 ounces of high quality olive oil.  I use DeLallo brand.

A crock pot is preferable, but you can do this successfully in the oven and on the stovetop

Blender, food processor, and/or spice grinder/mortar & pestle

Kitchen thermometer

Kitchen scale


Large bowl

Nut milk bag/cheesecloth/muslin

Disposable gloves if you prefer not to get super oily when squeezing the oil out of the herb

Funnel, if using small jars for your finished product



Once I finish instructing you on this process, your infusion will take about 8 hours total before you want to finish entirely.  I like to even leave it overnight before I strain it out.  This being the case, you'll be finishing on your own.  If you have any questions during the rest of your process, you'll be able to reach out either through the messenger here, or on Instagram.  I'll give these contact options to you during our class.

In total, this will probably only be a half hour of instruction, but allow for an hour in case you have questions, or if you want to discuss other methods, as well.

Author: Ali Coyne
Ali Coyne
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