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*If you'd like to schedule a reading or session at a time that isn't open on, please reach out to me via private message, and we can figure something out that works for us both*

This is a Reiki healing session for your animal friends in need of a little celestial love.  As with humans, Reiki is extremely beneficial to the animal kingdom in all areas of life.  Physical, spiritual, and emotional issues can be greatly helped by Divine healing energy.  As with a regular distance session between you and me, I'll connect with your animal through an anatomical drawing showing where their chakras are on their bodies.  If I don't already have a proxy drawing for your particular pet (please let me know what kind of animal you have before the session), I can download one to be ready to go for our session.  As I connect, I ask the animal permission to work with them on an energetic level.  They, just like humans, have the option to say no.  If this is the case, I will send a Reiki request to the Divine, and they will send the energy in whatever capacity the animal allows.  You will also get a refund, if your pet and I won't be working together. 

Most of the time, animals are very receptive to Reiki, since it is second nature to them, and when they do accept, we end up working very well together.  I'll scan the chakras from the head down, and then focus on whatever area seems to be holding my hands.  If your pet has a particular physical ailment, this can also help them in terms of easing pain or illness.  (*Reiki doesn't take the place of traditional veterinary medicine, though, so please keep your yearly vet appointment, just in case.*)  This is also super beneficial to them in times of great stress, like moving, or if they have some trauma stored in their sweet little souls from before they were rescued or found the right home.

I have witnessed both of my cats respond extremely well to Reiki, however, one usually does not accept it from me.  I've learned to respect his boundary, and ask the Divine to intervene on my behalf, as he'll allow it.  My other cat LOVES to receive Reiki, and actually has been healed physically and emotionally, usually by the energy sent via distance from other Reiki practitioners.  When I do it for her, she gets super comfy, and usually falls asleep during the session.

My animal sessions usually don't take longer than 20 minutes, but I'll keep these sessions open for the 30 minute slot.  Please note the price reflects the smaller amount of time.

If you have any questions regarding animal reiki before booking a session, please don't hesitate to reach out via private message before booking.

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Ali Coyne
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