Chakra Clearing + Balancing

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When our 7 bodily Chakras are clear and balanced, energy can flow and our system--mind, body, and spirit--returns to it's most natural and harmonic state.  

With a Chakra Clearing + Balancing, I can also provide customized suggestions for you to continue to maintain healthy and vibrant Chakras to increase and/or maintain health and vitality, to smoothly navigate life stressors, or to create an optimal state to begin/continue to take action steps towards positive change and be open to receiving abundance. 

Clearing involves removing any stagnant or blocked energy and balancing involves replenishing depleted energy or soothing over- worked energy within the Chakras. 

Experiences vary, but most clients report experiencing relaxation and clarity after a session.  Sometimes there are emotional or energetic releases during or after the session.  The goal is to have you feeling refreshed and calm, and to increase your overall well-being.  

This focused Energy Healing Session, utilizes Reiki, relaxing guided meditation and may also include crystal and sound (typically rattle/shaker and chimes) healing as well, depending on the client's needs.  

Author: Mary Madsen-Heskin
Mary Madsen-Heskin
Mary Madsen-Heskin holds a safe and healing space for young adults and adults to heal, transform and grow with services such as; Reiki, Guided Meditat…
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