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*If you'd like to schedule a reading or session with me on a day or at a time that is not offered on EvolvMe, please send me a message, and we can figure out what will work for our schedules.*

Being attuned to Reiki energy has completely changed my life.  It's altered my professional trajectory, and I'm really excited to see where it takes me.

Reiki is life force energy coming straight from Source. Practitioners are conduits of the Divine, and it's an honor to have been lead down this path of healing, first for myself, and now to be shared with others.  This life force energy has an infinite amount of benefits for us all, in all areas of ourselves: physical, emotional, spiritual. 

Some of the benefits I've personally experienced are:

-Physical healing from illness

-Pain relief

-Emotional healing

-Anxiety relief

-Energetic cleansing

-The list goes on!

In my in-person sessions (which you're not booking here on this platform), I have clients sit & relax in a zero gravity chair.  I start at the crown chakra at the top of the head, and work my way down the body to the root, ending at the feet.

In my distance session, I'll ask you to get comfortable, & if you want me to focus on a particular area of your body, or spirit.  I'll start by connecting with you, going through your chakras (energy centers), and see where I'm drawn and if it connects with what you're feeling.  There are many ways that practitioners can connect to your energy when there's distance between us.  I use an anatomical drawing of the body with the chakras highlighted, and my hands connect to you through that drawing.  AMAZING, I know!  I may ask you questions as I go through, but for the most part, you'll be lying down or sitting comfortably, relaxed, and allowing the energy to do its work.  When I'm finished, if anything came up for me, I'll let you know.  (Occasionally messages can come through, symbols, pictures, etc.)  If anything comes through for you, you can share with me if you like, as well.  You'll most likely feel very peaceful as the session is going on, but you probably won't feel anything physical unless you're sensitive, or attuned to Reiki, too.  The beautiful thing about this energy healing is that we can trust that it will go where it's needed, and will do what needs to be done.  It's life force energy sent through me to you from the Divine, and the physical will align with the energy in perfect Divine time.  For some, it's immediate, while for others it can take a little while to integrate.  If you have questions about Reiki before booking, please don't hesitate to send me a message.

One of my clients recently sent me an update after our first session together, in-person.  She said, "I feel like such a weight was lifted off of me that I didn't even realize was such a burden..."  Sometimes, we don't even know why we begin to seek certain healing practices.  Following that inner knowing, though, is the most important thing.  Your body always knows.

Thank you so much for cruising my offerings, and for your trust, if you choose to book a healing session with me! 

Author: Ali Coyne
Ali Coyne
Hi! I’m Ali! I'm an intuitive card reader, Reiki practitioner, and constant self-healer! 2020 started me on my spiritual walk, as it did for a lot of…
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