Investigating the Metaphor of Your Dis-ease through a Daoist Medicine Lens

Investigating the Metaphor of Your Dis-ease through a Daoist Medicine Lens: image

ATTN: If none of the available slots work for you, please contact me and we'll work out a day and time that will!

(Discounted until March, 2023!) Understanding the metaphor of your illness is essential to your healing process.  Drawing on the teachings of my master teacher, Jeffrey Yuen, we will invoke the vast wisdom and pragmatic tools of Chinese medicine in service of your health.  Since we won't be meeting in person, in the state in which I'm licensed, I will simply be coaching you.

In a non-judgmental, but discerning way, Chinese medicine can help anyone heal wherever they may be in life.  If you are concerned about an inherited condition, this is the realm of the Ancestral Channels.  If you want to address the stress of everyday living, the Primary and Sinew Channels are ready at hand.  If you feel that repressed (unconscious) or suppressed (subconscious) emotions need to be attended to, we will work with the Collateral Channels.  And if you feel that you haven’t been able to bounce back fully from an illness, or have any kind of chronic condition, we will talk about the Divergent Channels.

What to expect
During a session, I will draw on the weft of classical Chinese medicine for context as we weave the meaning of your body’s signs and symptoms.  Each of the following modalities of this medicine are complete within themselves.  So we will find which of the following resonate most with you and hone in on a self-treatment regimen.

Modality Offerings
Channel Medicine: After we clarify your intention, I will describe and explain the acu-channel/s that speak to your concern.

Food Therapy: We literally are what we eat.  For this reason, Food Therapy is heralded as the pinnacle of classical Chinese medicine.  You might be eating the healthiest food, yet are unable to actually make much use of it.  The classical texts explicitly state that food and dietary recommendations always come first.  Because the emphasis of all medicine ought to be on self-care.

Qi Gong: Like Food Therapy, Qi Gong is a complete healing system unto itself.  I will suggest simple and effective movements to address your inquiry.  In essence, any combination of movement, breath and intention is Qi Gong.  And over millennia, Qi Gong developed, along with Food Therapy, as the primary resources that healers use to keep themselves healthy.

30 minute vs. 60 minute sessions
In both time allotments, I will focus on your intention via Channel Medicine, providing a clear description of the appropriate channel and the method for addressing it with essential oil.  In the shorter sessions, we will touch upon Food Therapy and Qi Gong.  The full hour session will allow for a deeper dive into all of these modalities, along with more time for questions and responses.

More About the Body as Living, Breathing Metaphor
The metaphor of what our illnesses mean to us emotionally and spiritually is embedded in the English language, which makes it very accessible even to our modern brains.  We've just forgotten to connect the dots.  Even our word "disease", when broken down, is literally dis + ease.  A lack of ease, which is the same way of saying "stress!!!"  As in too much stress to handle.  Here are a few more...feel a weight on your shoulders?  Your back against a wall?  Cold feet?  Hot headed?

Stress is not the enemy.  In fact, we need it to grow.  Gravity, for example, is a stress we live and grow with every day.  We can't grow without some physical AND emotional gravity.  But, the relentless stress that so many of us are born into, and assume as normal, is not healthy.  And our bodies will tell us very plainly, in signs and symptoms, what we're ignoring in our spiritual and emotional lives.

This is becoming a less foreign idea in modern society, thanks in part to the recent books by the likes of Gabor Maté and others.  And it's an idea that goes back thousands of years in Chinese medicine, who's diagnostic power has always been understood metaphorically as well as physically.  Every single physical symptom is meaningful. 

Autoimmunity implies a long-held pattern of self-blame while cancers are often the result of decades of suppressed emotion.  Grief is associated with the Lungs, so long held grief can result in lung or breast cancer.  If an emotion is repressed and carried through multiple generations, the result can be a high incidence of a particular kind of cancer.  Yes, environmental, chemical and dietary factors all play a role too.  But the emotional stress of life today can be, and often is, the main cause.

Joy comes from the Heart, as does its pathological emotion of anxiety.  Too much anxiety for too long will result in Heart disease.  If the blood is too hot to handle, emotionally speaking, the body will slow down its physical circulation by encouraging the build up of plaques in the arteries (arteriosclerosis).  Slower circulation equals less intense anxiety.

Our bodies are always trying to cope with, and adapt to, the stress we carry.  When it gets to a "breaking" point, a condition that has been developing for years can suddenly manifest in a dramatic way.  Chinese medicine provides the compass and maps with which to prevent, and if need be, roll back, the damage done.  Our immune systems are the product of millions of years of evolution, carried forward from our mammalian ancestors right on back to the earliest flora.  Our ability to heal is innate, and with a little help, a little easing, we can return to our vital selves.