Heart Chakra Reiki + Intuitive Card Guidance

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*If you'd like to schedule a reading or session with me on a day or at a time that is not offered on EvolvMe, please send me a message, and we can figure out what will work for our schedules.*

This reading/healing focuses on the heart.  Connecting with you through the powerful energy of Reiki, I'll check out your heart, and send whatever healing you need.  Then, we'll have a little card party.  This will be oracle and tarot together, giving you guidance on your heart healing.  This is not related only to external love and relationships, but can be healing for self-love and care, as well.

Now, since I'm not usually a love reader, this is special.  *Almost* any and all questions will go.  However, if your intention is to have me read the thoughts and feelings of someone other than you, I'm not your girl.  I can read YOUR energy surrounding almost any issue, but it's unethical for me to tap into the energy of others not requesting the reading.

Some things I never read for:


-Large financial issues, like wins/losses, inheritance, stocks, etc.

-Health & medical issues

-Relationship issues where you want me to read others

-Solid future predictions

-Legal matters


Most of these fall into the category of future predictions.  I'm not a clairvoyant/psychic, so I like to get that out there beforehand so there's no confusion.  My style of reading focuses generally on your present energy.  I'll get immediate past and immediate future, but I always add the disclaimer to the future aspect that it is not set in stone.  We create our reality, which means we create our future moment by moment.  If something doesn't jive with you from a reading about a potential future possibility, you always have the power to change your course.  I've done it many times, and I've seen others do it as well.  This is our free will, these are our lives, and we get to say how our story goes. 

If you have any questions prior to booking this reading, please reach out!  I'm happy to speak with you before you purchase anything.  Thanks for your trust!

Author: Ali Coyne
Ali Coyne
Hi! I’m Ali! I'm an intuitive card reader, Reiki practitioner, and constant self-healer! 2020 started me on my spiritual walk, as it did for a lot of…
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