Intuitive Mediumship-Spirit Bridge Session

Intuitive Mediumship-Spirit Bridge Session: image

A focused Spirit Box session conducted by Nick to reach your deceased loved ones (including pets), and Spirit Guides. This technology is utilizing Instrumental Trans  Communication that has been studied by pioneers such as Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. 

Imagine asking yourself any question and getting an answer of TRUTH from your unconscious mind, soul, spirit or universe to shed new light on decisions or challenges that are existing or even unknown and then receiving a solution to those challenges that is virtually 100% accurate if enough information is given in dialogue.

Other areas of use:

Personal and Family growth and healing.

Personal Development.

Business Partnerships.

Corporate Business Decisions.

For insurance companies.

Police work.

Private investigation work.

Identify the best employee candidates.

You will be asked to create questions that you would like to ask, and meditate before the session begins. You will also receive a private Zoom link for your scheduled appointment time. Once the session is complete, Nick will take up to several business days to review and caption the session responses. Once the video is done, Nick will send you a private video link to view and download your session.


Author: Nicholas Tsokris
Nicholas Tsokris
As a child, I discovered the ability to communicate with souls on the other side. However, these gifts were not understood or accepted within the trad…
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