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*If you'd like to schedule a reading or session with me on a day or at a time that is not offered on EvolvMe, please send me a message, and we can figure out what will work for our schedules.*

For this service, I offer a combination of my intuitive card reading with Reiki healing, in tandem.  The two are commonly used together in my own practice in the mornings, to add healing to the guidance I've received.  My card readings tend to bring a lot of healing with them in general, so the addition of Reiki to aid in that healing is really a no brainer.

In this session, I'll get a card for the theme of the reading, the base cards, which we'll work off of; you can ask questions at this point, and then the end of the session will include a mini Reiki healing session to send the energy and intention of healing where it's needed.

There are some things that I do not read for, which generally fall into the category of future predictions.  I'm not a clairvoyant, so I just want to make that clear before we begin.  I use tarot and oracle as a tool to help me connect with the Divine, and translate their messages.  Those beings who exist at that higher vibration don't subscribe to our human concept of time.  They function with all time existing simultaneously, while we operate thinking that past, present and future are all separate.  As I translate their messages for you, I do so with the understanding that the future doesn't exist, and that we create our own realities, our own futures, moment by moment.  If a question you have falls into the list below, I may tell you that I won't read for that, or I'll rephrase the question in a way that isn't so stuck in human perspective.  In that instance, though, be prepared for an answer that isn't yes/no, but brings with it steps and guidance to take towards a goal.  Sometimes, we have questions that only receive an answer of healing.  Ultimately, the healing of something seemingly unrelated, removes the block that was asked about first, which is exactly where the addition of Reiki to a reading is extremely helpful.  Below are some examples of things that fall into this category:



-Legal matters

-Financial matters: large scale, inheritance, lottery, win/loss, etc.

-Relationship issues regarding cheating, or the other partner.  I can read YOUR energy here, no one else.

-Solid future predictions


Thank you for your interest in my services, and for your trust, should you choose to purchase a session from me!

Author: Ali Coyne
Ali Coyne
Hi! I’m Ali! I'm an intuitive card reader, Reiki practitioner, and constant self-healer! 2020 started me on my spiritual walk, as it did for a lot of…
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