Spirit Healing

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I humbly call it Spirit Healing because I open myself to the universe (this is call to angels, guides, ancestors, higher beings etc..) and allow them to work through me. This can mean directing energy to certain areas of the body when necessary or in other cases simply opening the door to spirit, hold space and allow them to conduct the healing themselves. The experience can be different for each individual person, so length and intensity of a session can vary. The universe knows what we need. If you don't see any available dates for this service, please message me for a convenient date, times and prices as I am very flexible. Thank you and have a BLESSED DAY.

Author: Derrick G McBride
Derrick G McBride
Derrick is a talented psychic, clairvoyant, medium and healer whose profound love, respect, and admiration for this BEAUTIFUL experience of life and t…
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